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Science. Outreach. Communication.

Kontekst is focused on science communication, scientific engagement & outreach.

Kontekst, Institute for Science Communication

We help communicate your science  to internal and external audiences as concisely and clearly as possible.

Kontekst Institute for Science Communication

What we do

Our knowledge and support are specific and tailor-made to your research angle or organisational context.

Who we are

Kontekst empowers scientists and research institutions by helping them communicate and connect with different stakeholders. We empower and coach them to bridge the gap between science, society, other professions and disciplines. We guide them through tools, models or approaches of scientific outreach and engagement.

Founder of Kontekst, Institute for Science Communication 

Hi, my name is Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes, M.Sc.

I am a Chevening fellow and Alumni of Metropolitan University, London. I hold a Master in Communication of Science and Innovation from the University of Trento. My professional focus, in recent years has been communication management in innovative and scientific environments. I have been intensively involved in projects that embrace scientific engagement and science communication in Slovenia, Europe, the USA and Africa. I am appreciated by scientific engagement workshops in training and project management. I am a member of the ERC Frontiers Advisory board, a member of the PCST network, an author and a keynote speaker.

"We support national and international research initiatives in communicating effectively and leveraging their dissemination potential."

Kontekst Founder, Jadranka Jezeršek Turnšek

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Contact us

Ptujska 19, SI-1000 Ljubljana

+386 30 300 620

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