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Science Communication Consulting

Science Communication Consulting
  • Are you in search of a partner who truly comprehends the nuances of scientific engagement?

  • Wondering how to break down the barriers that hinder the understanding of your science?

  • Curious about how we can collaborate to drive meaningful change?

  • Interested in crafting a robust connection between science and society through unwavering engagement?​


Identifying your stakeholders and understanding their significance is crucial. Equally important is knowing how to effectively engage with them and devising a strategy that aligns with your goals.

At Kontekst, Institute for Science Communication, we specialise in guiding our clients through the process of answering these thought-provoking questions and more. However, we firmly believe that strategy is only half of the journey. The true magic lies in the execution and outreach. It's here that our competencies and skills shine brightest. By consistently delivering excellence, we achieve our objectives and forge enduring partnerships. This is our recipe for success.


Our methodology

Our approach is rooted in:​

  1. Understanding and Integration: We bridge the realms of civil society, science, media, and business, fostering a holistic understanding.

  2. Process Design: We meticulously design processes that engage all stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

  3. Strategic Expertise: We bring strategic insights to the forefront, enabling effective decision-making.

  4. Implementation Excellence: We pride ourselves on flawless execution, translating strategies into impactful actions.

We help individuals, organizations, or businesses effectively communicate, collaborate, and engage with the scientific community, stakeholders, or the public through clear and compelling stories for media, funding applications and high-stakes presentations to colleagues and stakeholders.

Our goal is to help you communicate your research to internal and external audiences as concisely and clearly as possible.

Ready to work with us? Let's meet.

Discover how we can help you navigate the landscape of scientific engagement and make an impact. 

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