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About Kontekst Institute

In Kontekst we empower scientists and research institutions by helping them communicate and connect with different stakeholders. We empower and coach them to bridge the gap between science, society, other professions and disciplines. We tailor made and guide them through tools, models or approaches of scientific outreach and engagement. 

Kontekst is focused on science communication and scientific engagement. We are science communication experts. Our work is guided by our specific knowledge, expertise, and passion for scientific storytelling and collaboration. 

In Kontekst Institute we offer tailor made assistance in communicating science to individual researchers, research groups or academic institutions. We know how to set the structure for institutional science communication and set infrastructure. Our knowledge, skills and competencies can assist in all phases – from the strategic to the operational level, segmenting and connecting with various stakeholders, establishing a comprehensive communication infrastructure that aims to educate or build outreach, promote understanding and increase support for scientific endeavours in all areas. 

In Kontekst we win our clients with our communication, knowledge and references. In partnership with our clients, we first set the intention, then we design the exact strategy together: communication and scientific engagement goals support part of a scientific project or institution. We incorporate different ways of engagement. Our cooperation with clients is blended with our creativity, integrity, sustainability, inclusion and transparency. Kontekst's team is engaged, hardworking and recognised by excellent delivery that usually exceeds expectations.

What we do

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