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Study: Science and Media

In a fascinating study, researchers delved into science and media, uncovering insights that bridge the gap between these two domains.

Through 19 in-depth interviews with scientists, this research has unveiled intriguing patterns in scientists' engagement with media logic and their relationships with journalists. As a scientific engagement consultant, the learning point is that it's crucial to foster collaboration and encourage the scientists I work with to explore these diverse approaches.

🧪 The Three Patterns of Media Logic:

1️ - Adaption: Many scientists demonstrated an impressive ability to simplify complex research, making it engaging for the public. However, they often adopted a more reactive approach when interacting with journalists.

2️ - Adoption: Some scientists proactively embraced media logic, strategically creating and managing media interactions to achieve specific goals. Their active engagement with the media allowed them to shape narratives around their research.

3️ - Affiliation: A fascinating new pattern emerged – affiliation. Scientists in this category contributed enthusiastically to journalists' production practices and expressed a strong desire to engage with the public. They see the media as a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and promoting understanding.

🌟 These findings illuminate the evolving relationship between science and the media. It's clear that scientists are increasingly recognising the importance of effective science communication and are adapting their approaches accordingly.


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