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Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes

"We enhance collaboration and we create value."

Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes

Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes, M.Sc

Expert in Scientific Engagement and Outreach 

Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes is the founder of Kontekst. She is a Chevening fellow and Alumni of Metropolitan University, London. She holds a Master in Communication of Science and Innovation from the University of Trento. She has been intensively involved in projects that embrace scientific engagement and science communication in Slovenia, Europe, the USA and Africa.


She is recognized by scientific engagement workshops and effective scientific team training. Apart from being engaged in science communication, her community relationship management and communication knowledge she for example also helped the UN to embrace and establish the business community of Sirian refugees in Armenia.


She is a member of the ERC Frontiers Advisory board, a member of the PCST network, an author and a keynote speaker.

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