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First meeting of ERC Frontiers Advisory Board members in #UPFBarcelona

Just had our first kick-off meeting of ERC Frontiers Advisory Board members in #UPFBarcelona, and it was truly inspiring to be part of this dynamic team of experts and visionaries. As an Advisory Board member, I am thrilled to contribute my knowledge and insights to this groundbreaking project, which aims to create science journalists’ residencies in European research institutions. Being part of the Advisory Board provides a unique opportunity to shape the direction of this ERC project actively, offer strategic guidance, and ensure the highest standards of excellence are maintained throughout. I am honoured to collaborate with partners - #europeanresearchcouncil #UPFBarcelona #NOVAunl #cesjethics #ybz_enspire. We will foster the EU field of science journalism with this innovative approach. I look forward to the exciting journey ahead. Stay tuned for updates on the progress and achievements of the ERC Frontiers project! #sciencejournalism


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